Koh Lanta, Thailand Klong Dao & Long Beach Map (1)

Map of Koh Lanta, Thailand

Klong Dao and The North end of Phra Ae (commonly known as Long Beach) get most of the attention. Some comments from international travelers:

Klong Dao
Beautiful beach with fabulous sunsets! During low season you barely see anyone on the beach. Lots of trash seems to wash ashore and no one cleans it up. Still a fabulous beach for sunsets, morning walks and playing in the sand!

I was suprised how clean, nice and empty beach was. Very clean sea, warm water, calm time during the day. In the evening there is a lot of possibilities to eat, drink, have a fun. I enjoyed it!”

3 km beach, excellent for swimming, playing, sunbathing, building sand castles and running. There are a lot of families with children here (most of them Swedes), no wonder, as the beach is extremely child friendly and also ok for a baby stroller. Recommended!”

Long Beach
A nice crowded beach - recommended for younger people. Lot of bars and nightlife.... Affordable and fun.”

Very clean and nice beach that's quite long. Low season the waves are a bit high and most restaurants/bars are shut, but the beach is still great!”

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Map of Koh Lanta, Thailand Map of Koh Lanta, Thailand Map of Koh Lanta, Thailand Map of Koh Lanta, Thailand