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Map of Doi Inthanon National Park - Chiang Mai, Thailand

Doi Inthanon National Park stretches across almost 50,000 hectares. The elevation at the peak is 2565 meters, the highest point in Thailand. The mountains of the park spawn the Mae Klang, Mae Pako, Mae Pawn, Mae Ya, Mae Cham and Mae Khan rivers.

The park is cool year round and has recorded snowfall on rare occasions. The park is an excellent nature destination for trekking, mountain biking, birding and camping.

The mountain forests include evergreen, pine and mixed deciduous, teak and mountain pine

Wildlife is decreasing due to encroachment but locals claim gibbons, serow, deer, tigers, hare and wild pigs. Bird life is the largest variety in Thailand at 360 species. Waterfalls include the Mae Klang, Vachiratharn and Mae Ya which may be the highest in Thailand. Siriphum was renamed in honor of HM Queen Sirikit

Brichinda Cave is limestone with a huge entrance chamber and tower and a second chamber large with a skylight.

Doi Inthanon's visitor center has bungalows, camp grounds, food service and guides. There is also a guest house nearby.

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