Koh Lanta, Long Beach & Klong Khong Beach (2)

Map of Koh Lanta, Thailand

Long Beach
The sights are beautiful but to get there you have almost inevitably to go through one of the big resorts that cover whole properties from the road to the sandy Beach. Also there are a few rocks in some places.”

Quiet really nice beach with steep hills(sand) here and there. Not that much rubbish lying around that we saw, but that might just be that hotel staff picks it up better here then on lets say klong dao beach. Especially in the low season.”

Klong Khong Beach
This is one of the beaches that turns nasty at low tide. It is also too far south for my liking, although it is not lacking basic services.”

This is a nice quiet beach. Although we were there high season in Feb.2013 the beach was not crowded and nice for swimming as there were not Long Tail boats going in and out from the shore so felt safe to swim. Lots of restaurants to eat at also.”

The whole beach is lined with cute bungalow resorts, many of them lower mid range budget. Most of them have restaurants or bars, that get lid up with all kinds of colorful pretty lanterns in the evening. What sucked was that on random nights one of the bars close by to our resort, was blasting techno music till 3 am. If you are dancing, great. But if you are trying to sleep and you happen to be in the resort next door, tough luck.”

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koh lanta travel map

Map of Koh Lanta, Thailand Map of Koh Lanta, Thailand Map of Koh Lanta, Thailand Map of Koh Lanta, Thailand